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The Problem

“The battle for climate change will be won or lost in Asia’s cities.”
Rachel Kyte | VP for Sustainable Development, World Bank

Dirty air sickens and kills, causing uncounted millions of cases of asthma, chronic and acute respiratory disease and millions of premature deaths every year. The Global Burden of Disease Study 2010 reveals that China and India alone suffer 1.8 million early deaths from air pollution. The same study estimates that pollution costs China 25 million healthy years of life. Dirty air is not only a personal killer, but also a drag economic growth through loss of productivity. This pollution is man-made, and much of it comes from the exhaust pipes of the 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines that power the two and three wheeled vehicles variously called auto rickshaws, tricycles or tuk-tuks.

Polluting motorcycles are the sole means of economic support and/or transportation for millions of poor people, and governments are politically and ethically disinclined to pass new regulations – or enforce those already on the books – that destroy livelihoods of the poor. We offer a fundamentally different, private sector approach. Clean Engines International Holdings Pte. Ltd. (CEI) changes the political and economic calculus by creating ‘shared value’ – making a profit while delivering significant environmental and health benefits to its customers and to society at large without government subsidy – all while providing an effective, affordable solution that actually increases a driver’s income.

CEI Solution

CEI is selling engine retrofit kits that convert dirty 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorcycle engines to clean ones.

The CEI solution has three integrated parts: the kit itself, the capacity to purchase it and a convenient, simple and secure way to pay.

Working with local microfinance partners, CEI prepackages a competitively priced loan. In many cases, the loan is almost entirely mobile phone based – from the point of loan approval through loan payment completion. Every driver makes more money from the very first day, even while paying off the loan.

Drivers are already experiencing a 50% reduction in fuel costs, by switching to fuel (LPG – Liquefied Petroleum Gas or CNG – Compressed Natural Gas) that is anywhere from 40-50% cheaper than gasoline in most Asian markets. Money is not the only compelling reason for the customer to buy. CEI kits reduce total tailpipe emissions more than 80% by weight — including a 80% reduction in carbon monoxide and a 40% reduction in hydrocarbons, the principal, measured tailpipe pollutants. Drivers care about their own and their families’ health and value the health and environmental benefits that come from cleaning up the air they breathe. Everybody wins.



Compared to options that are unaffordable or unproven, CEI offers reliable products – designed by the world’s most experienced small-engine retrofit engineers and tested under real-life conditions where the products are used. And we do it without charity, subsidies, or taxing the public.

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Why will customers buy our products? It’s very simple. They make more money from the first day the kit is installed, and they will double their income after the 6 to 12 month loan repayment period.

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CEI has a world-class team, including engineers who have pioneered retrofit technology and business managers with decades of entrepreneurial experience and on-the-ground knowledge of Asia.

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