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CEI Signs Partnership Agreement with SeedFinance

Clean Engines has entered into a partnership agreement with SEEDFINANCE, a provider of capital to a network of microfinance institutions (MFIs). COO Greg Herman signed the agreement with SEED CEO, Jun Perez.

“This is an important relationship,” said Mr. Herman. “SEED is proving to be an enthusiastic and highly proactive partner. They are convinced that CEI is opening a large market for a new financial product, and they are investing in making the loan product a success.”

At the ceremony, Mr. Perez noted that the Clean Engines kit is critically needed and that SEED is pleased to be the first microfinance partner for CEI. “We have a large and geographically-diverse network of MFIs with whom we can work, and we will market the tricycle loan wherever and whenever CEI is ready.”

L: Greg Herman; R: Jun Perez