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Focus Groups Unanimously Favor CEI Retrofit Kit

Two groups of tricycle drivers – one that already had CEI retrofit kits installed and another that did not – met in October for focus group discussions. From need to willingness to buy, both focus groups (a total of 31 drivers) enthusiastically endorsed the kit. SEEDFINANCE, a provider of capital to microfinance institutions (MFIs), conducted the sessions at CEI’s offices on P. Cruz Street, Mandaluyong. Some highlights of the sessions include:

• All drivers agree that there is a need

• All are interested in using

• All owner-drivers are interested in buying

• All prefer an installment loan

• All would use an MFI-provided loan

• All would join an MFI in order to access the credit facility

The group included the head of a Tricycle Owner-Driver Association (TODA); he indicated a desire to endorse the kit and market it to his TODA.

Marte Lapasaran, CEI Director of Operations, said, “This is powerful evidence of both the need and the acceptance of the CEI solution. We expect to see similar results in future focus group sessions.”