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Core Principles

  • CEI’s mission is to develop, commercialize and sell the highest quality, most affordable and least polluting clean engine technologies and products, worldwide.
  • CEI is a ‘shared value, triple bottom-line’ company, which means that we are committed to delivering superior market returns to investors and economic benefit to customers, to the reduction of diseases caused by air pollution and to reduction of emissions that cause global climate change.

How We Differ

A real company

Unlike previous efforts to reduce mobile source air pollution, CEI does not rely on public funding or subsidy to solve what has always been reflexively (but largely incorrectly, we believe) seen as a public sector responsibility. While we enthusiastically invite public partnership, CEI does not need government subsidies or development agency funding for its business success. Our unique business model redefines how a private sector company can deliver broad public benefits, while not sacrificing profits. By avoiding dependence on public funding, CEI is establishing a solid foundation to raise the capital it requires to become a market leader.

Experience working and selling in the BOP

The Next 4 BillionCEI management has business experience with retrofits in our target markets. More generally, members of the CEI team have spent more than a decade studying, analyzing, and writing about base of the pyramid (BOP) business models (The Next 4 Billion: Market Size and Business Strategy at the Base of the Pyramid – co-Author Bill Kramer, one of the Clean Engines International, Inc. co-founders). We know that only those technologies and business models that meet the criteria of utility, access, and affordability will win in the market.

Strong support system

In CEI management’s years of experience in Asian markets, we have developed deep networks of colleagues and partners. We know the local cultures and the politics. CEI delivers public benefits and, accordingly, we are already receiving strong support from politicians, government agencies, and international organizations.

Targeted sales and distribution

TODA Taxi StandCEI focuses business where the drivers are: in the areas where tricycle drivers are organized to pick up fares and where they return to await new fares. In every market, drivers are organized into drivers’ associations; sales and distribution efforts will be carried out in collaboration with these associations.

Focused expansion plans

CEI will be deliberate in rolling out country by country. We will devote as much time as necessary to build the business ecosystem: local production, marketing, distribution, political support, and financing and repayment system. Only when ready to deliver at scale will we begin sales.

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