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CEI’s largest competitive threat comes from the natural desire of customers to purchase new vehicles, rather than retrofitting old vehicles.

From a cost perspective, however, even a cheap knock-off of a new vehicle is five to eight times more expensive than our kits and electric tricycles capable of performing with the same level of performance as internal combustion engines are at least ten times more expensive. All are well out of the reach of CEI’s customers. Even if prices come down significantly, we anticipate that there will always be a large gap between the cost of CEI kits and the competition, and, thus, a significant niche for retrofitting as compared to new vehicle purchase.

A trusted brand earned through exceptional execution is the major protection against any and all competition.

The new vehicle market includes global brands such as Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki in Japan, Bajaj in India, and regional manufacturers including Sym, Kymco and Hyosung from Taiwan, China and Korea. These vehicles include four stroke bikes, electric tricycles, or “cheap” knock-offs from China or India. However, none of the major manufacturers except Bajaj are making gaseous fuel, injected engine tuk-tuks, and in our view, others’ kits do not deliver the same benefits as CEI kits. All are “original equipment manufacture”, that is, new vehicles. None are producing retrofit kits

Hybrid and battery-powered electric vehicles may, in time, prove to take a portion of the market that might otherwise belong to CEI and other retrofit companies. But, today, electric vehicles are neither price-competitive nor satisfactory in performance. When many Asian cities already have a hard time keeping the lights on, where will tuk-tuk drivers find cheap, reliable power? These areas are often plagued by frequent electric power brownouts and blackouts. In addition, in CEI’s targeted markets, neither the recharging infrastructure nor the generating capacity exists today.

We are constantly surveying the technology landscape to find, encourage and partner with companies working on the leading edge of cleantech for transport and to develop significant performance enhancements to our product suite.

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