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Pioneer TODA MembersOur business is affordable, low-cost retrofit kits for dirty engines. Our customers are tuk-tuk (taxi) drivers. Tuk-tuk drivers are poor, averaging between $5 and $10 day in earnings. Why will they buy our product? Very simple: the very first day they install one of our kits, they will lower their operating costs by 50%. In the delta between “old” operating costs and “new”, CEI inserts a competitively priced loan, and drivers put more money in their pocket every day, even as they pay down the one year loan. After the kit is paid for, drivers can nearly double their pre-retrofit income through the operational savings generated by the retrofit. Field studies have proven that drivers also care about their own health, and that of their kids and friends. They want to live longer healthier lives, same as everyone. It is a significant motivating factor to buy CEI products.


How do we do this? Two essential components:

1 | Retrofit the dirty engines.

Exhaust PipeOur kits have injection that deliver up to 30% better fuel efficiency. We deliver economic benefits while also reducing pollutants by 80% by weight.

2 | Switch the fuel source.

We convert engines from gasoline to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). This gaseous fuel is anywhere from 30-40% cheaper all across Asia, even after adjusting for the difference in caloric value between gasoline and this gaseous fuel.

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