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Retrofit market potential

The ‘total’ global market of two- and four-stroke motorcycles is likely to be more than half a billion vehicles, including all 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorcycles, both 2- and 3-wheeler. CEI’s five-year targeted country markets are Philippines, Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia. We believe that business operations in five years will reach a ‘serviceable’ market in excess of five million vehicles. Over time, CEI will pursue additional Asian urban markets and expand into other developing country markets including Africa and Latin America.

Primary Serviceable Markets

Country Cities Addressable Market
(Millions of Units)
Philippines Metro Manila & others 1.30
Sri Lanka Colombo .40
India Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, others 3.00
Indonesia Jakarta, others 1.00
TOTAL 5.70

Sales Target

We anticipate sales of approximately 500,000 units through 2017.

Carbon Credits

CEI estimates from preliminary analysis that each 2-stroke gasoline engine DI kit installation could yield a reduction of one metric ton of air polluting carbon annually, and each 4-stroke kit could yield a reduction of one-quarter metric ton of carbon annually. Based on the projected unit sales of the corresponding CEI retrofit kits over five years, the total carbon “savings” would exceed 1.2 million tons. Given the collapse of the primary carbon credit market – Europe – we cannot estimate the value, if any, of the carbon savings. Carbon credits are not included in any financial projections.

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